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You can’t know when it will happen, but you’ll know what to do when it does.  MedicAlert + Safe Return is a 24-hour nationwide emergency response service for individuals with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia who wander or have a medical emergency.

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MedicAlert + Safe Return enrollment includes personalized ID jewelry, an emergency medical information record, 24-hour emergency response service, and more.  Enrollment is $55.00 + $7.00 shipping and handling. 

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Carol Sue Schnell, 9/14/2014
(Apollo, PA)

I had purchased this for my Mother who would occasionally wonder off. Luckily my parents lived in a good neighborhood and someone would call the house if they knew her, or someone would call the police. But as her mind got worse we were very concerned she wouldn't make it back. That's when I purchased the bracelet. Luckily after that she didn't wonder out of the yard. She was a very active gardener. She wore it till her last day here on earth. It gave us a piece of mind that she would be safely returned. She has since past and is an Angel now. But I recommend this for everyone. It even was good for when she went somewhere with my Dad in case something happened to him and she would of gotten confused and couldn't tell anyone who she was.